For businesses

Businesses are invited to include UMO Helsinki in their corporate social responsibility activities. UMO Helsinki audience outreach activities involve children, adolescents, the elderly and special needs groups. A business may contribute to UMO Helsinki audience outreach work by becoming a regular sponsor or an event sponsor. UMO Helsinki is an innovative performing arts community with bold new initiatives and collaborations with sometimes unexpected partners.

”We wanted to try new ways to strengthen and deepen our corporate culture.”

Annukka Lalu
communications manager, Etera

What UMO Helsinki can offer businesses:

– Participation in activities aimed at specific target groups
– Customised short-term and long-term partnerships
– Opportunities for supporting music education in Finland
– Extensive experience in the field of music
– A reliable expert organisation

Examples of UMO Helsinki audience outreach activities:

– Concerts at schools and daycare centres
– Pedagogical and education projects, e.g. band mentoring
– Visits to service housing and care institutions
– Activities for senior citizens
– Charity benefits

Further information and inquiries:
Henriika Steidel-Luoto
+358 40 411 3514