Culture Companions

Do you feel like going to a UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra concert but going alone gets you down or seems difficult? That is what Culture Companions are for! A Companion will book the tickets, help you to find your way to the location and accompany you to the concert.

In the company of a Culture Companion, you pay a maximum of 5 euros for your ticket. You can access the free events for free. The company and guidance of a Culture Companion friend is free.

HelsinkiMissio operates Cultural Companion activities in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and cultural actors.

How to book a Companion:

Choose an event from UMO’s concerts that you would like to attend with Culture Companion friend. Please note that we cannot offer tickets for every concert.

Call to HelsinkiMission 09 23120375 (callback service) and tell us the event you have chosen.

The friend will book the ticket and call you, you will agree where and when to meet.

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Welcome to our concert!


Further information and inquiries:
Niina Eeva
Marketing and Communications Manager
+358 (0)45 1477 655