UMO Helsinki Ensemble feat. Annimaria Rinne: Great American Songbook

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AUF: Music from Baroque to Hollywood // Avanti!, UMO Helsinki & Fibo

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Concert cancellations spring 2020

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UMO Helsinki participates in new international jazz residency program

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RESCHEDULED: UMO Helsinki Ensemble feat. Annimaria Rinne: Great American Songbook


Ed Partyka

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RESCHEDULED: Silent Music: Portraits of Silence – UMO Helsinki, Anna-Maria Helsing, Mirja Mäkelä

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Savoy JAZZFest: UMO Helsinki with Joyce Moreno celebrating Jobim

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Helsinki Day free concerts at Savoy: UMO Helsinki – Summertime!

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RESCHEDULED: UMO Helsinki plays Buddy Rich – Big Swing Face


CANCELLED: Lunch Concert: UMO Helsinki plays Frank Zappa feat. Jere Haakana & Valtteri Pöyhönen


Lunch Concert: UMO Helsinki feat. Kasperi Sarikoski

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Watch and listen

We picked the best bites of UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra’s recordings in the past decades for you to watch and listen. You’ll find our music in Youtube, Spotify, and Yle Areena.


UMO Helsinki in quarantine

Corona locked us all in, but no worries, music is still allowed! UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra has launched a new video series that delves into old and new jazz as intimate duo performances. We compile music for this page to listen to and watch, stay tuned!

Crazeology – Kasperi Sarikoski & Seppo Kantonen
Coronation Blues – Jouni Järvelä & Seppo Kantonen
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered – Tero Saarti & Seppo Kantonen
It's Easy to Remember – Manuel Dunkel & Seppo Kantonen
Chelsea Bridge – Kasperi Sarikoski & Seppo Kantonen

UMO Helsinki in YouTube

There are dozens of official as well as unofficial videos of UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra on Youtube. Click, click again, and once more...!

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra & Paperi T – Resnais, Beefheart & Aalto
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, 26.10.2019
Long Live UMO! support concert
Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, 29.10.2018
Tribute to Prince – UMO feat. Tuomo: Life Can Be So Nice // Under the Cherry Moon
Savoy Theatre, Helsinki 28.11.2018
UMO & Lauri Porra: Flyover Suite for Big Band
Koko Jazz Club, Helsinki, 5.5.2018
Jukka Eskola & UMO
Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, 29.5.2018
Gregory Porter & UMO Jazz Orchestra: Real Good Hands
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, 25.3.2015
UMO flash mob
Forum Shopping Centre, Helsinki, 27.1.2014
UMO & Värttinä: Äijö
Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, 22.3.2018
UMO with Randy Brecker & Mats Holmquist: All My Things
Helsinki Music Center, 17.3.2018
UMO Jazz Orchestra & Richard Bona: Manyaka O Brazil
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 8.2.2017
Musica nova Helsinki: Pop up concert by UMO and Kari Ikonen
Kamppi Shopping Centre, Helsinki, 6.2.2017
Gregory Porter & UMO Jazz Orchestra (encore): Mona Lisa
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, 25.3.2015
Amy Lives & UMO Jazz Orchestra: Celebrating the Music of Amy Winehouse: Rehab
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 6.10.2016
UMO Jazz Orchestra feat. Manuel Dunkel: Slang
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 18.9.2015
UMO & Nicole Willis
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 8.2.2016
UMO & Mikko Perkola: Laulu vedestä
Mikael Agricolan kirkko, Helsinki, 3.4.2015
UMO 40 years
40th anniversary in 2015
Paquito D'Rivera & UMO Jazz Orchestra: Chucho
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 13.2.2015
UMO & Lassy & Pöyhönen: Ei pakoreittiä
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 15.5.2014
Roberta Gambarini & UMO: The Thumpe
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 6.11.2014
UMO & Kurt Elling: I cant give you anything but love
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 26.2.2014
Club For Five & UMO - Glenn Miller 110 %
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 12.2.2014
This Is How I Feel About Jazz - UMO Plays Quincy Jones
Savoy-teatteri, Helsinki, 13.11.2013
Ville ja Valle -hyväntekeväisyyskonsertti: UMO & Vesa-Matti Loiri, Johanna Försti ja Gracias
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, 5.10.2013
Tässä ajassa. UMO, Redrama & Etera personnel
Natalie Cole & UMO Jazz Orchestra
XVIII Festival Jazz de Vitoria-Gazteiz, 1994
UMO & Michael Monroe
Messukeskus, Helsinki, 2015

UMO Helsinki in Yle Areena, Yle Archive &

Yle (Yleisradio, Finnish Broadcasting Company) has recorded dozens of UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra's concerts in the past decades, both in radio and TV. Also lately has made some live recordings  of our gigs. We picked up the best for you! 

Gregory Porter & UMO at M1 Studio
Grammy winning Gregory Porter and UMO at the legendary Yle Studio M1 in 2015
UMO & Teemu Viinikainen
G Livelab Helsinki 11.10.2018
UMO & Aili Ikonen: Blue Notes on Silver Screen
G Livelab Helsinki 10.9.2018
UMO & Teppo Mäkynen, part 1/2
G Livelab Helsinki 6.4.2018
UMO plays Frank Zappa feat. Jere Haakana & Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen
G Livelab Helsinki, Musica nova 2019, 4.2.2019
UMO & Lauri Porra
Savoy Theatre Helsinki 5.12.2017
Tribute to Prince: UMO feat. Tuomo, Sam Huber & Marta Ren
Savoy Theatre Helsinki 29.11.2018
UMO & Teppo Mäkynen, part 2/2
G Livelab Helsinki 6.4.2018
UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra, Esko Linnavalli composition competition
Savoy Theatre 28.5.2019
UMO & Teppo Mäkynen
Vuotalo 10.4.2018
Helsinki Philharmonic & UMO: Symphonic Ellington
Musiikkitalo 18.9.2018
UMO's Xmas concert with Vesa-Matti Loiri
UMO's Ville & Valle concert for kids
King of the swing Benny Goodman inspired UMO and Antti Sarpila in 1994
UMO & Mikko Alatalo: Känkkäränkkä (for kids)
Once upon a time... UMO, Satu Sopanen and Sori Circus
UMO & Club For Five: A New Take on Tango
Heikki Sarmanto has composed a lot to UMO
UMO was born to love jazz
Carola & UMO
UMO archives at Yle

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra in Spotify

About half of UMO's albums are in Spotify. 

Randy Brecker & Mats Holmquist & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Itibere Zwarg & Hermeto Pascoal & UMO
Universal Music Orchestra
Nicole Willis & UMO
My Name Is Nicole Willis
Eero Koivistoinen & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Arctic Blues
UMO Jazz Orchestra with Michael Brecker
Live in Helsinki 1995
UMO Jazz Orchestra Meets Magnum Coltrane Price with Nils Landgren & Viktoria Tolstoy
Pepe Ahlqvist & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Mister Blues
Emma Salokoski & UMO
Rytmihyrrä – Rytmyra
UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Jimi Tenor & UMO
Mysterium Magnum
UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Transit People
UMO Jazz Orchestra
A Good Time Was Had By All 1976-1979
UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Muhal Richard Abrams
UMO Jazz Orchestra with Kenny Wheeler & Norma Winstone
One More Time
Heikki Sarmanto with UMO Jazz Orchestra
Kalevala Fantasy
Erkki-Sven Tüür, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Symphony No. 5 - Prophecy for Accordion & Orchestra
Heikki Sarmanto & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Passions of a Man
UMO & Satu Sopanen
Kerkko Koskinen & UMO
Thad Jones, Mel Lewis & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Thad Jones, Mel Lewis & UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO, Vesa-Matti Loiri ja Johanna Försti feat. Gracias
Ville ja Valle
Lenny Pickett with UMO Jazz Orchestra
The Prescription
How Many Sisters?
Stolen Moments
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Helsingin Laulu
UMO Jazz Orchestra
A Good Time Was Had By All
Jimi Tenor feat. UMO Jazz Orchestra
Higher Planes
Sami Pitkämö & UMO Jazz Orchestra
Lauluja rakkaudesta ja vähän muustakin
UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Plays the Music of Koivistoinen & Linkola
Mikko Hassinen & UMO Jazz Orchestra