Past concerts

Here are our past concerts from 2016 on. The older ones from 1975 to 2015 can be found at our History pages (in Finnish only, sorry!) at

22nd Sep 2023–26th Sep 2023 UMO Helsinki – Focus Tero Saarti
8th Jun 2023–3rd Aug 2023 Jazz Jam & Brew
20th Apr 2023–9th May 2023 UMO Helsinki plays Ellington Suites
5th Oct 2022–13th Oct 2022 Aili Ikonen feat. UMO Helsinki
2nd Jun 2022–4th Aug 2022 Jazz Jam & Brew
3rd Dec 2021–4th Dec 2021 UMO Helsinki – The Nutcracker Suite
19th Nov 2021–20th Nov 2021 Jimi Tenor & UMO Helsinki – Terra Exotica
1st Jul 2021–2nd Sep 2021 Jazz Jam & Brew @ Konepaja Biergarten
20th May 2021–27th May 2021 ON DEMAND: UMO Helsinki – Jazztasting
4th Mar 2021–5th Mar 2021 CANCELLED: UMO Helsinki & Veronica Swift (US)
4th Mar 2021–31st Aug 2021 ON DEMAND: UMO Helsinki: Frozen Petals
12th Jun 2020–12th Jun 2020 UMO Helsinki Ensemble at Savoy (online concerts)
14th May 2019–16th May 2019 UMO Helsinki feat. Jukka Eskola
9th May 2019–10th May 2019 UMO Helsinki & Felipe Salles (BR/US)
12th Apr 2019–19th Apr 2019 Silent Music: UMO Helsinki & Iro Haarla
13th Mar 2019–14th Mar 2019 UMO & Värttinä
2nd Mar 2019 UMO & Severi Pyysalo
11th Jan 2019–5th Apr 2019 Audience Outreach: UMO´s Jazztasting
10th Jan 2019 UMO’s Jazztasting
7th Dec 2018–17th Dec 2018 Emma Salokoski & UMO: Living Christmas
15th Nov 2018–16th Nov 2018 UMO feat. Guillermo Klein
1st Nov 2018–2nd Nov 2018 UMO & KYN: Longing
9th Oct 2018–12th Oct 2018 UMO & Teemu Viinikainen
7th May 2018–8th May 2018 UMO & Lauri Porra
17th Apr 2018–21st Apr 2018 UMO & Mikko Helevä: Peter and the Wolf
6th Apr 2018–10th Apr 2018 Teppo Mäkynen & UMO
27th Mar 2018–30th Mar 2018 Silent Music: UMO & Johanna Iivanainen
22nd Mar 2018 UMO & Värttinä
1st Feb 2018–3rd Feb 2018 Nicole Willis & UMO: My Name Is Nicole Willis
15th Jan 2018–16th Jan 2018 UMO Plays Olli Ahvenlahti: Seawinds
8th Dec 2017–20th Dec 2017 Maria Ylipää & UMO: Stories of Christmas
23rd Nov 2017–28th Nov 2017 UMO & Mikko Helevä: Peter and the Wolf
1st Nov 2017–2nd Nov 2017 UMO & Django Bates saluting Sgt. Pepper
24th Oct 2017–27th Oct 2017 UMO & Kerkko Koskinen: Agatha
12th Oct 2017 UMO’s open day
4th Sep 2017–6th Sep 2017 UMO plays music from New Orleans