New album from UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra and Nina Mya in March, single is out now 


The jazz singer Nina Mya and UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra will release their joint album Searching My Soul in March 2023. The album is part of the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra’s Great Voices series, dedicated to stellar vocalists from Finland and abroad.

The Great Voices has featured numerous concerts since 2020, and this album is the first recording to be released in the series. Nina Mya’s rich and dark voice is very unique in the Nordic region and is perfectly suited to open the album series. 

The album consists mainly of Nina Mya’s own compositions with new big band arrangements written by UMO’s chief conductor and artistic director Ed Partyka, who also conducted the album.

The single Mine Alone (composed by Nina Mya & Pope Puolitaival, arranged by Ed Partyka) will be released on Friday 13.1.2023. The entire album will be released in March, and the album release concert will be held at G Livelab in Helsinki on Monday 8.5.2023. The concert tickets are already for sale, buy here.

Both the single and the album will be released in digital format and will be available e.g. on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Deezer. A music video for the single has also been released on YouTube. The album is released by UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Finland.

­­– The album has a strong theme of relationships, self-development and finding the inner self. The name Searching My Soul refers to my own way of studying and analysing my selfhood and listening to my inner voice. I do it mainly through the theme of relationships, which can be heard also at this album. I feel that I have always lived against the “this is how you should live” norm. I haven’t been silent and stayed still when that was expected of me, says Nina Mya.

– Mine Alone, originally released on my album Closure in 2016 and now released as a single, has been one of my most popular songs over the years. It has the ingredients of a great soul ballad. It is often regarded as a love song, but at its heart it’s a very tragic, deep and painful story about desperate love and a love triangle. I composed it as a tribute to my vocal idol Aretha Franklin and her soul ballads, in collaboration with my own band’s saxophonist Pope Puolitaival.

– My compositions get an interesting and fresh angle in Partyka’s new arrangements, and do the songs justice in a completely new way. These big band arrangements give my music a certain richness, with layers and body around it, Nina Mya continues.

Nina Mya is a rewarded Finnish jazz singer, composer and vocal teacher. She has published four albums as a band leader: Flying Solo (2012), Our Time (2014), Closure (2016) and Just Another Lonely Soul (2021). She has performed all around the world in big arenas, festivals and clubs. Besides of her own band she has performed and recorded also as a featuring artist with many big names in the music industry. Nina Mya has a dark, technically impressive voice and she is a soulful and strong interpreter who combines jazz, soul and gospel influences in a unique way.

Photo: Teemu Mattsson 

Cover design: Luova toimisto Pilke 

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