Dinner ticket 245 €

Merkuriuksen Karnevaalit:

UMO Helsinki
feat. Jepa Lambert &
Jay Kortehisto

Sat 27th October 2019 at 4:30 pm– // Turku Fair Centre

Concert info

The 27th Merkuriuksen Karnevaalit (The Carnival of Mercury) will be organised in the Turku Fair Centre on 12 October 2019. As the Turku School of Economics Support Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary in November 2019 the charitable carnival will go gala, offering some fine dining, dazzling dressing, socialising in good company and first-class live music. In addition, the audience can participate in the traditional auction and raffle. The 50th anniversary celebrations also include the publication of the foundation’s history.

In the gala UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra will be fronted by two brilliant soloists: vocalists Jepa Lambert and Jay Kortehisto. Antti Rissanen will conduct the orchestra.

For more information please visit www.merkuriuksenkarnevaalit.fi

Photo of Jepa Lambert: Tero Ahonen