Concert cancellations November 2020 – June 2021


Updated May 31st 2021  

The maximum number of people for indoor public events is limited to 10 and in outdoor events to 50 in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area until June 15, 2021. UMO does not have any live concerts but only livestream gigs during that period.


Some of our concerts will be cancelled and some will be rescheduled.

We are working on finding alternative date for all cancelled / rescheduled events. We will inform and guide our clients about the new dates as well as ticket policy as soon as we can. Please follow this article for new updates!

If the concert is rescheduled, tickets remain valid for the new concert date. You also have the option to return the tickets and get your money back. 

If the concert is cancelled, the ticket price will be refunded to the customer, excluding the ticket agent’s order and delivery fees.

Tickets can be returned after the concert has either been confirmed cancelled or postponed and a new concert date is known. Until then, tickets cannot be returned.

Ticket returns are handled by either Ticketmaster or Lippupiste, depending on the concert venue. Due to the congested situation, it can take up to several months to process returns.

We apologize for the inconvenience and wish our customers understanding and patience.

Thu 22.4.2021
Great Voices #2: Ola Onabulé feat. UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra
This concert which has already been postponed twice, is now rescheduled to spring season 2022. The new concert day is Wednesday 23 March, 2022 at 7 pm, at the Savoy Theatre in Helsinki. Tickets purchased for the previous concert dates (23.4.2020, 12.12.2020, 22.4.2021) will be valid as such for the new date. If for one reason or another you want, you can return the tickets and you will be reimbursed the ticket price excluding the ticket agent’s order and delivery fees. Please notice that you must apply for a refund yourself by 31.5.2021 via the online form. Due to the congested situation, reimbursement may take up to several months.

During the concert break you can listen and watch the concerts, songs and albums of the UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra here!

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