Art Testers

Welcome to test UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra – you are in for a fascinating journey into the world of jazz- and big band music.

You will attend our concert The Story of Jazz – UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra feat. Adele Sauros.  You can begin the experience by reading the concert introduction here.

Art-testers is more than an art-experience, as it involves preliminary, as well as concluding tasks that deepen the experience.  Here are our tasks for you – through them you have the opportunity to, amongst other things,  influence the content of the concert!

🎶🎶🎶 PREPARTY 🎶🎶🎶 

📚 Familiarize yourself with the JAZZ MANUAL here. The manual will help you explore the world of jazz- and big band music through e.g. comics, videos, information hits and various tasks. The manual provides plenty of content for both rookies and veterans.  We suggest you give it a go!

🔜 Take a photo with the title TULEVAISUUDENKUVA (FUTURESCAPE) and email it to us at or send it via Whatsapp to 0505115449 preferably by 18.2. and 2.3. at the latest. Include your name, class and school. Think about what the future will look like, and consider what themes and questions will be relevant then, and try to express your own thoughts about this in the image you send us. During the concert UMO will improvise –  i.e. invent in the moment – music for the future, inspired by one or several of the photographs, which will be projected on the backdrop of the stage.

⌛ Take a photograph, or create an image using other means, with the title AJANKUVA (TIMESCAPE). Present in the image an event, place, object, fashion or atmosphere, that is of particular interest to you, and somehow portrays a specific decade of your choosing from the 1920s to the present day. Email the image to us at or send it via Whatsapp to 0505115449 preferably by 18.2. and 2.3. at the latest. Include your name, class, school and decade portrayed in the image.


🤓 Enjoy UMO HELSINKI KAHOOT-QUIZ as a post-concert game. Join the quiz here and test the knowledge you’ve gained from the preparty and the concert! Finnish version can be found here and Swedish version here.

✏ Once again create a FUTURESCAPE, but this time by means of visual art, technical craft, your native language and literature, or music. Feel free to use your creativity and imagination! You can also discuss, or consider for yourself, which cause-and-consequence factors have shaped your own view of the future. – The Jazz Manual contains a BEHIND THE JAZZ SCENES – video series, which gives you a sneak peek behind the curtain. The video series will receive a sequel once the audience, i.e. you, have a chance to present questions via remote connection to the UMO staff regarding jazz, the activities of the orchestra, and concert production.  UMO will also collect feedback of the experience. 

📞 The Q & A sessions will be organized through Google Meet, and will be held on a few occasions during March-May 2022. Classes who wish to take part will register their participation in advance. Places are limited. Further information regarding participation and dates will be announced on this site during February-March.